Understanding Clay Pebbles – The Soil Ninja Component Guide

Clay Balls

A favourite amongst the passive hydroponics lovers! This is a brilliant and versatile growing medium that has been used for many years for everything from aquarium biological filtration to drainage layers in tropical terrariums. As a stand alone material, it is almost unilaterally used for propagating plants for expedited growth.

The porous nature of this material has a fantastic behaviour of evenly wicking water, minerals and nutrients from a reservoir directly to the roots that crave them. It removes the need for drainage holes in glass or ceramic pots as simply filling a small reservoir from the top will keep the whole system fully hydrated and transporting those delicious nutrients to roots!

The earthy tone that it presents makes for a really beautiful contrast against fleshy white or red roots as they wrap themselves lovingly around the porous material! With significant gaps between the aggregate, air can freely flow in and out. This will dramatically reduce the risk of rotting and stagnant areas for nasty microbes to grow!

Clay Balls, Clay Pebbles, Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate, whatever your preferred name, we adore it for it’s many uses and it’s stunning earthy tones inside a simple glass vessel, but also for growing harder-to-please-plants by offering a constant source of hydration without the horrors of soggy bottoms!

In Summary:

  • Great way to enter the world of Hydroponics
  • Fully grow your plants with clay pebbles, all you need is some nutrients
  • Perfect for creating drainage layers
  • Minimises bad microbes whilst maintaining humidity
  • Easy way to keep an eye on your plant’s roots

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