Understanding Perlite – The Soil Ninja Component Guide

Perlite; fluffy glass pearls of volcanic rock! This amendment offers insane versatility, with it’s extremely porous structure and low water retention in soil mixes. Compared to it’s wicking abilities in semi-hydro systems – it’s truly an amendment for all!

Using a smaller grade of this fantastic material will not only increase drainage, but hold and store nutrients that are slowly released with the presence of water. As well as maintaining a totally neutral pH of 7-7.5, making it extremely inoffensive to sensitive roots.

Even aesthetically speaking, the pearly white form of this component adds a beautiful ‘salt and pepper’ look to soil – signalling that the mix has extra drainage! Even though it’s technically considered a glass, it presents itself beautifully in matte and full body pearlescent!

Just remember to either spray down bags of raw components (with water) or wear a mask whilst displacing and mixing – as the dust isn’t one any of us want hanging out in our airways!

In Summary:

  • Has low water retention in soil blends
  • A fantastic material that will increase drainage
  • Holds and stores nutrients which are slowly released back into the soil
  • Has an extremely porous structure

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Shop Soil.Ninja Perlite (EU)


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