Understanding Vermiculite – The Soil Ninja Component Guide

For only the THIRSTIEST green babes. Vermiculite is one of our favourite amendments for it’s spectacular shapes and it’s bougie flare! But what’s the fuss over this golden component?

This extremely beautiful component has been used in horticulture for decades, it’s lightweight presence in soil blends and seed starting have few rivals.

So let’s talk uses! This extremely hydrophilic amendment LOVES to store water. The small, brightly coloured component will expand with moisture in what can only be described as an ‘accordion’ fashion. It’s small movements in a soil blend help with aeration but above all else, this fabulous material maintains moisture for extended periods of time! Slowly releasing water and nutrients back into the soil – even days after it was watered. This makes it absolutely perfect for extra thirsty and moisture reliant roots – like that of Alocasia and Ferns!

Vermiculite is an effective seed starting material too! It helps to hold onto nutrients and minerals within it’s structure that fine, freshly grown roots can access and enjoy! With a truly neutral pH of 7-7.5 you have no worries of any extreme swings in the overall pH – of either a soil blend or a stand alone material for small, fragile seedlings.

Is this something your thirsty plants crave?

In Summary:

  • Fantastic at holding and retaining moisture
  • Will help to realise moisture and nutrients back into the soil
  • Has a neutral pH of 7-7.5
  • Perfect component for thirsty plants
  • Effective seed starting material

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Shop Soil.Ninja Vermiculite (EU)


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